Benefits of Ayurvedic massage

Those who desire a healthy body throughout their life should adopt massage as an ongoing practice. One should receive a massage monthly or depending on constitution, season and personal needs. A shower or bath should not be taken immediately after the massage as the body becomes hot and the circulation of blood increases so, without proper balance, the temperature of the water can be injurious.

Ayurvedic massage is very effective and beneficial specially for those who are interested in making their muscles strong. Massage is good for those who are unable to do any other exercise. It promotes proper growth and development of the internal organs and is helpful for sleep disorders and relaxation. Massage is also good for people who suffer from cold hands and feet as it promotes the circulation. Massage is considered as a protector, rejuvenator and for preservation of the body. It will increase your self confidence and will power. It should never be done without lubrication , particularly if the body is stiff and tight.

In today’s lifestyle everyone is going through some sort of stress, whether it is work, family or relationship related, creating feelings of loneliness and tightness. these conditions along with irregular eating habits, rushing around, excessive stimulation etc create Vata aggravations in an individual. Ayurvedic massage is the only answer as the application of the warm medicated oil and the soft rhythmic strokes help to restore and balance Vata quickly.

Nowadays our surroundings are not so pure and the chances of being infected by bacteria and viruses have increased. Ayurvedic massage plays a role as it helps in the production of antibodies that provide more resistance. As a result this improves the body’s defence mechanism and increases our immunity towards environmental influences.

  • Delays aging process
  • Counters fatigue
  • Balances Vata
  • Increases stamina
  • Increases longevity
  • Improves sleeping
  • Strengthens the skin
  • Provides resistance against disease and disharmony
  • Improves Agni

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